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Heart and Hearth

Addie didn’t expect to inherit a ramshackle bed and breakfast in a tiny town – let alone a magical one!

She’s sure a mistake has been made – her whole life, she’s been taught to avoid her witch heritage. Her arrival has stirred something in the old town and Addie finds herself wrapped up in a decades old mystery.

Spring is just arriving, bringing with it new growth: for the plants, for Addie, and for the nearly-forgotten town.

A novella length book set in Aotearoa New Zealand, part of the Witchy Fiction project.


About Anna

Anna Klein was born in Hungary, and moved to Aotearoa New Zealand when she was seven years old. She spent her childhood reading any book she could get her hands on, and playing any computer game she could get her hands on (which is how she, as a ten year old, ended up being simultaneously a fan of both the Baby-Sitters Club and Castle Wolfenstein). Anna completed a Masters degree in English in horror literature and now, in addition to writing novels, she writes and runs live action roleplaying (LARP) events in a variety of genres. During the week, she works in a secondhand bookstore. She also likes pretty dresses, and cats.

Anna Klein
Author & Game Writer

Swashbuckling Historical Adventure and Romance!

The Lady Is A Spy

Paris, 1625. Charlotte Menard wanted more than a life of needlework, boredom and loneliness – but she never expected to end up a spy! Facing a dire future as a penniless widow, she accepts an offer from France’s spymaster, Cardinal Richelieu: her security in exchange for being his spy at court.

Stealing letters, climbing through windows, nearly starting a war with England… it’s all in a day’s work when ferreting out the enemies of France. By her side is her childhood friend Gregoire, whom she had previously believed dead. Once the son of a Comte, now a petty thief, he too is in the cardinal’s clutches. His job? To protect Charlotte.

Together, they are thrust into the dangerous games of courtly intrigue. As their enemies close in on them, it’s down to Charlotte’s quick wit and cunning to unravel the plot before it topples the throne and robs her of everything she cares about: her friends, her independence, and her chance at love.

Inspired by the adventures of the Three Musketeers, The Lady Is A Spy is a rollicking romance of adventure, intrigue, banter and passion, the first in the Dangerous Ladies of Paris series.